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Werner Nadolny (born April 3, 1947 in Hanover ) is a German composer , arranger , keyboard player and saxophonist. Nadolny is a co-founder of the German rock band Jane .


Werner Nadolny at the Hanover Ferryman Festival , 2011

Before belonging to Jane Nadolny was in 1965 founded band JP's where until a year before Jane -Incorporation already Peter Panka as a singer, Werner Nadolny as a saxophonist and Klaus Hess played together as a bass player. JP's was dissolved in 1969. In 1970 the three musicians came together again, now with Peter Panka on drums, Werner Nadolny as organist and keyboard player and Klaus Hess as guitarist. Charly Maucher joined the now founded band Jane as bassist. The first Jane LP Together was released in 1971 with the singer Bernd Pulst . Another 10 LPs followed until the band Jane broke up in 1982.

Nadolny then worked on the rock ballet Warlock by Jon Symon (text and music) and Lothar Höfgen (choreography) at the Lower Saxony State Theater in Hanover, which was very successful and was performed as a guest performance across Germany. Of the Jane musicians who performed the rock ballet Warlock : Peter Panka, Charlie Maucher and Werner Nadolny. For Klaus Hess, who started a solo career, he was joined by guitarist Detlef Klamann , who even after the rock ballet Warlock had finished playing for a few years with the then reformed band Jane and now works as guitarist for Werner Nadolnys Jane .

Name dispute over Jane

In 1994, a court settlement was made before the civil chamber of the Hanover Regional Court when, on the one hand, Peter Panka and Werner Nadolny and, on the other, Klaus Hess , wanted the rights to name to be clarified to Jane . The comparison stipulated that each of the three musicians, Panka, Nadolny, Hess, could call themselves Jane , but only with an addition to their name. Peter Panka and Werner Nadolny called themselves PANOs JANE and from 2000 Peter Pankas Jane . The formation around Klaus Hess is called Mother Jane . Peter Panka and Werner Nadolny jointly directed the group Jane from 1982 until Panka's death in 2007. The cast consisted of Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Klaus Walz and Charlie Maucher since 2000.

Due to 30 years of playing together, it was clarified with Peter Panka and Werner Nadolny before a lawyer while they were still alive that the music and naming rights would be given to the other partner upon death. In this way Werner Nadolny continues Peter Panka's life's work Jane .

Werner Nadolny's Jane

Werner Nadolnys Jane at the Ferryman's Festival in Hanover , 2011

Werner Nadolny founded the band Werner Nadolnys Jane in 2008 with the musicians Norbert "Panza" Lehmann ( Epitaph , Eric Burdon , Karthago , Mother Jane , Klaus Hess' Jane) (drums), Matjes Müller (bass), Dirk Rogon (guitar) - Released in 2009 by Detlef Klamann ( Jane ) (guitar), Erwin Kania (including Frumpy ) (keyboard, piano), Günter Deyhle "Gitze" (vocals).

In January 2009 the first Jane CD after the death of Peter Panka, Proceed with Memories , was released. Jutta Weinhold and Geff Harrison ( Kin Ping Meh ) also took part in the recordings .

Since March 2010 Werner Nadolnys Jane has performed with the following line-up: Werner Nadolny (keyboard, Moog), Torsten Ilg (vocals), Dete Klamann (guitar), Rolf Vatteroth (bass, vocals), Dr. Bogarth (keyboard, piano), Sven Petersen (drums). In September 2011, Dr. Bogarth out. Werner Nadolnys Jane have been transporting the "spirit" of the 1970s in their music ever since - in the classical line-up.

Discography Jane LPs / CDs / DVDs with the assistance of Werner Nadolny

  • Together (1972)
  • Here We Are (1973)
  • Fire, Water, Earth & Air (1976)
  • Beautiful Lady (1986)
  • Jane Live 89 (1990)
  • Resurrection (1996) (Peter Panka's Jane)
  • Genuine (2002) (Peter Panka's Jane)
  • Live 2002 (2002) (Peter Panka's Jane)
  • Live 2002 DVD (2002) (Peter Panka's Jane)
  • Shine On (2003) (Peter Panka's Jane)
  • Voices (2006) (Peter Panka's Jane)
  • Voices "revised edition" (2007) (Peter Panka's Jane)
  • Live at Metas (2007) (Peter Panka's Jane)
  • Tribute to Peter Panka, DVD v. Concert in Hanover 2007 (2008)

Further projects, CDs / DVDs by Werner Nadolny

  • Lady, Lady (1974)
  • Warlock, Rockballet (1983) with Jon Symon, Peter Panka, Charlie Maucher, Detlef Klamann
  • Back Again (2000) Millennium CD self-distributed (Lady Jane)
  • Rock Legends, Skin Deep (2006) (Werner Nadolny, Peter Panka, Geff Harrison)
  • Proceed With Memories (2009) (Werner Nadolny's Jane)
  • Live In Concert - Original 40th Anniversary Show, DVD (2010) (Werner Nadolny's Jane)
  • The Journey - Best Of Jane 70 - 80 (2010) The classics re-recorded (Werner Nadolny's Jane)
  • Eternity (2011) - (Werner Nadolny's Jane)
  • Live At Home Again - Live Fährmannsfest, DVD (2011) - (Werner Nadolny's Jane)

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