Japanese terrier

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Japanese Terrier
(Nihon Teria)
Japanese terrier
FCI Standard No. 259
  • Group 3: Terriers
  • Section 2: Low-legged terriers
Origin :


Alternative names:

Nippon Terrier, Nishon Terrier

Withers height:

about 30-33 cm

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The Japanese Terrier ( Japanese 日本 テ リ ア , Nihon Teria ) is a Japanese breed of dog recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 3, Section 2, Standard No. 259 ).

Origin and history

The origins of the breed go back to 1702, when the smooth- haired fox terriers were brought to Japan from Holland and the Japanese terriers were created by crossing them with local dogs. The dogs were kept mainly in the port cities of Yokohama and Kobe as lap dogs, which were carried by their owners on walks. They were called Oyuku or Mikado Terriers . A planned breeding of a modern pedigree dog began around 1920. It took about 10 years until the breed picture had solidified.

Brief description

Head study

The Japanese terrier grows up to 33 cm. The hair is three-colored, predominantly white, on the head black, tan and white or white with black spots, with black or tan markings appearing on the body. It's very short, smooth, dense, and shiny. The ears are set high, moderately small, thin, V-shaped, drooping and falling forward.


Society dog

Individual evidence

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