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Yaroslav III Yaroslavich ( Russian Ярослав ІІІ. Ярославич ; * 1230 ; † 1272 ) was Grand Duke of Tver and Vladimir from the Rurikids from 1264 . He was the son of Yaroslav II.


Yaroslav succeeded his older brother Alexander Newski to the seat of the Grand Duke. Alexander's son Dimitri had previously been expelled from the important trading city of Novgorod . The recognition of Yaroslav by the local townspeople also meant his assertion as Grand Duke. Contrary to what was customary until then, Yaroslav did not move his seat of power from his inherited part of the principality of Tver to the main town of Vladimir. With him began a process of decline of the grand dignity and the city of Vladimir. Tver and Novgorod, and later Moscow , became the most important cities. Yaroslav and his successors could hardly assert themselves as hegemons against the other Vladimir and Russian princes. Even when faced with the Golden Horde , they no longer appeared as vassals, but as submissive supplicants.

An important development during the reign of Yaroslav III. was the enforcement of sovereign rights on the part of the urban population of Novgorod. A contract between the Grand Duke and the townspeople was drawn up when they came to power, stating the rights and obligations of both sides. In 1270 violent clashes broke out, which eventually ended with Yaroslav Novgorod granting numerous privileges. Among other things, he was only allowed to use local officials in the city and was not allowed to speak about Novgorodians without advice from city officials.

Marriages and offspring

Yaroslav III married her first marriage to a woman of unknown origin who was murdered on September 16, 1252, and in 1263 she married Ksenia Jurewna, a daughter of the boyar Yuri Mikhailavich from Novgorod . From the first marriage he had a son, from the second two sons and two daughters.


  1. Svyatoslaw Yaroslavich, † 1282/85, 1266 Prince of Pleskau (Pskow), 1241 Grand Duke of Tver , (from the first marriage) ∞ Ne, a woman of unknown origin, who died in 1328. (no children)
  2. Mikhail Yaroslavich (* 1271, † November 22, 1318), around 1282/85 Grand Duke of Tver , 1315/18 Grand Duke of Vladimir , 1312 Prince of Novgorod , ∞ Anna Dimitriewna von Rostow (* around 1280, † October 3, 1368), who was canonized as Anna of Kashin in 1650 . She was a daughter of Dimitri Borissowitsch (born September 11, 1253, † 1293/94), who was Prince of Rostov in 1276–1286 and Prince of Uglich in 1289. (Progeny)
  3. Ne Jaroslawna, † 1286, & Juri Lwowitsch King of Galicia (1300 - 1308) (one son, † young)
  4. Sofia Yaroslavna, 1291 nun
  5. Danil Yaroslavich, † 1286

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