Jean-François Coulon

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Jean-François Coulon

Jean-François Coulon (* 1764 in Paris ; † 1836 there ) was a French dancer and dance teacher.


After a career at the Opéra National de Paris , Coulon founded his own dance school at the beginning of the 19th century and became one of the most famous dance teachers in Europe. From 1810 he contributed to the development of the top dance. His students include Geneviève Gosselin , Louis Henry , Marie Quériau, Pauline Duvernay , Filippo Taglioni and his children Marie and Paul Taglioni .

His son Antoine (1796–1849) also made a career as a dancer, both at the Opéra National de Paris and at Her Majesty's Theater in London, where he worked as a ballet director from 1844 until his death.