Jean-Joseph Fiocco

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Jean-Joseph Fiocco (born December 15, 1686 in Brussels ; † March 30, 1746 ibid) was a Flemish composer and bandmaster of the Baroque .

Fiocco received his education from his father, Pietro Antonio Fiocco , who came from Venice . He was choirmaster of the royal chapel of the governor Maria Elisabeth of Austria in Brussels . Jean-Joseph Fiocco is considered one of the teachers of Ignaz Vitzthumb and Pieter van Maldere .

His most important works are his nine repons de mort (tombs).


  • Sacri concentus, op. 1 (Amsterdam, no year), for four voices and three instruments
  • Missa solemnis (1732), for two voices and basso continuo
  • Motets
    • O Jesus mi sponse
    • Ad torrentem
    • Levavi oculos
    • Fugue Demon
  • Oratorios (all lost)
    • La tempesta di dolori (1728)
    • La morte vinta sul Calvario (1730)
    • Giesù flagellato (1734)
    • Il transito di San Giuseppe (1737)
    • Le profezie evangeliche di Isaia (1738)


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