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Jennifer Jayne , born as Jennifer Jayne Jones (born November 14, 1931 in Ecclesall Bierlow , Yorkshire , United Kingdom , † April 23, 2006 in London ) was a British film and television actress with two excursions to the film script.

Live and act

Jennifer Jayne Jones was the daughter of theater artists and quickly came into contact with the acting profession. After getting her first tiny film roles as a teenager - her debut in 1948 as an autograph hunter in the Race with Death , a Dirk Bogarde film drama about a motorcycle racer - she decided to make a small but important name change, as Jennifer Jones was already a famous one in Hollywood Movie star existed. In the second half of the 1950s, Jennifer Jayne's career took off when she got important roles in several television series about historical hero legends like William Tell and Robin Hood. During the shooting, Jayne met the film architect Peter Mullins , who was also busy building the sets and who was to become her husband in 1958.

At the beginning of the 1960s, there were again offers from the cinema, where Jennifer Jayne had to play the hero's bride / girlfriend / companion regularly during that decade, for example in the comedy Quintet with Harp and Trumpet, the thriller Hysteria or the science fiction Film They came from beyond space . While Jayne was often awarded leading roles in B-films, she had to be content with significantly smaller roles in A-productions such as the agent comedy L - The Silent One or the thriller The Horror of Medusa . Until the early 1970s, the actress was also busy with television and appeared as guest appearances in series such as Richard the Lionheart, Secret Order for John Drake , Simon Templar and The Man with the Suitcase . She collaborated several times with the director Freddie Francis , who specializes in horror fabrics , under whose direction she also played her last (now tiny) film role (in The Doctor and the Devils ) in the winter of 1984/85 . Francis also gave her two opportunities in 1973/74 to write the scripts for two of his horror productions: Stories That Lead to Madness and Son of Dracula . The artist wrote the manuscripts under the pseudonym Jay Fairbank.


As an actress, unless otherwise stated:

  • 1948: Race against Death (Once a Jolly Swagman)
  • 1949: Poet's Pub
  • 1949: The Blue Lamp
  • 1951: The Black Widow
  • 1953: It's a Grand Life
  • 1955: A Yank in Ermine
  • 1955–1957: Robin Hood (TV series)
  • 1956: The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (TV series)
  • 1957: The End of the Line
  • 1958: Ivanhoe (TV series)
  • 1958: The Devil Cloud of Monteville (The Trollenberg Terror)
  • 1958: Mark of the Phoenix
  • 1955–1959: The Vise (TV series)
  • 1958–1959: William Tell (TV series)
  • 1960: Garry Halliday (TV series)
  • 1961: Quintet with harp and trumpet (Raising the Wind)
  • 1962: Band of Thieves
  • 1962: Practice early ... (On the Beat)
  • 1963: Clash by Night
  • 1964: The death cards of Dr. Schreck (Dr. Terror's House of Horrors)
  • 1965: Hysteria
  • 1965: L - Der Lautlose (The Liquidator)
  • 1967: The Further Adventures of the Musketiers (TV series)
  • 1967: They Came from Beyond Space
  • 1971: The Doctors (TV series, two episodes)
  • 1973: Tales That Witness Madness (script only)
  • 1974: Son of Dracula (screenplay only)
  • 1977: The Medusa (The Medusa Touch)
  • 1982: Agents Die Twice (The Jigsaw Man)
  • 1985: The Doctor and the Devils

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