Simon Templar (TV series)

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Television series
German title Simon Templar
Original title The Saint
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 1962-1969
length 50 minutes
Episodes 118 in 6 seasons
genre Crime , action
idea Leslie Charteris
production Lew Grade
Robert S. Baker
music Edwin Astley
First broadcast October 4th, 1962 (UK) on ITV
first broadcast
September 16, 1966 on ARD

Main actor:

Roger Moore
Simon Templar (118 episodes)

Supporting cast:

Ivor Dean
Inspector Claude Eustace Teal
Arnold Diamond
Colonel Latignant
Robert Cawdron
Sergeant Le Duc

Simon Templar (original title: The Saint ) is a British crime series , which was created from October 1962 to February 1969 in Great Britain based on the crime novels by the writer Leslie Charteris . The series was sold in over 70 countries. In Germany only part of the series has been dubbed and published so far. In September and October 2011 she broadcast ARTE as a focus in the autumn program.

Framework story

Templars Volvo P1800 with the license plate ST 1 (original vehicle)

Simon Templar is a bachelor sought after by women and is feared by his enemies. He's a gentleman and adventurer who doesn't shy away from danger. He leads a British and luxurious lifestyle at the same time. Sometimes he appears as a thief, although he knows how to handle the prey in Robin Hood fashion. As a detective, he often solves cases around the globe in which he often runs into beautiful women whom he has to free from hopeless situations. Simon Templar is also a well-known, but not always equally appreciated, guest in social circles and with the police all over the world. His trademark is developed from his initials "ST", which can also be read as The Saint (the saint): a stick figure with a halo. He drives a white Volvo P1800 with the registration number ST 1 .


  • The ARD was in 1966 when the first publication to provide that only episodes that hit the German tastes, were synchronized. They can be recognized by the title ST and… . Furthermore, these episodes were cast with Niels Clausnitzer as Moore's voice. Sat.1 , the series decided to synchronize further consequences because of age who received only one meaning from the title and the content of which is now left due to the changed period atmosphere, publish. In these episodes, Lothar Blumhagen can be heard as Moore's voice, which he lent him in the series Die 2 .
  • Some episodes did not make it onto German television for political reasons. a. the episode The Paper Chase , which dealt with a spy affair in the GDR (the last synchronization by Sat.1 took place in 1987 before the fall of the Wall), and Little Girl Lost , in which a young woman pretends to be Hitler's daughter . The consequences with George Murcell as Templar's opponent Adolf Vogler (The Death Game, The Power Artist) were not taken into account due to Vogler's German background. In some episodes as there is not gold ... z. B. was made a Pole out of an SS officer. The result took up the Adolf Eichmann topic. Similar steps were taken in other episodes, so that names, places or political statements were changed. The later DVD release includes the full episodes. Cut scenes are underlaid with subtitles.
  • A special feature of the series is that Simon Templar addresses the television audience directly at the beginning of each episode.
  • The theme music was from 1962 to 1968 the same thing and was only from the 101st episode of ST and testament modernized last season.


From the fifth season onwards the film was shot in color.

Well-known guest actors


From 1978 to 1979 a 24-part sequel Simon Templar - A Gentleman with a Halo (Return of the Saint) was filmed. However, the main role was no longer played by Roger Moore, but by Ian Ogilvy .

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