Department S (TV series)

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Television series
German title Department S
Original title Department S
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 1969-1970
length 60 minutes
Episodes 28 in 2 seasons
genre Crime series
production Monty Berman
First broadcast March 9, 1969 ( United Kingdom )
first broadcast
December 29, 1970 on ZDF

Department S is a British crime series that was produced in two seasons in 1969 and 1970. It was discontinued in favor of its follow-up series Jason King .


Department S is a Paris-based, internationally operating department of Interpol . She is tasked with particularly mysterious cases that could not be resolved by other police authorities or intelligence services . The department is headed by Sir Curtis Seretse ; His team consists of the American Stewart Sullivan , the British computer specialist Annabelle Hurst and the British playboy Jason King , who also works successfully as a crime novelist .

Guest roles included Lois Maxwell , Eric Pohlmann , Anthony Hopkins , Jean Marsh , Richard Vernon and David Prowse .


The series was conceived by Dennis Spooner and Monty Berman and produced by ITC Entertainment , which was also responsible for series number 6 , Die 2 and Simon Templar . In addition to the unusual cases, she also relied on the main character Jason King. Due to the great popularity of the character with the public, Department S was discontinued in favor of a new series based solely on King .

In 2009 both seasons of Koch Media were released on DVD .

The British new wave band Department S was named after the series.


The German synchronization was based on the dialogue books by Karlheinz Brunnemann (Season 1) and Rainer Brandt (Season 2). Brunnemann also directed dialogue. Similar to Die Zwei, it was provided with a Schnodder synchronization ; in the first season, however, still very subtle.

role actor German voice actor
Jason King Peter Wyngarde Jürgen Thormann
Stewart Sullivan Joel Fabiani Karlheinz Brunnemann
Annabelle Hurst Rosemary Nicols Ursula Herwig
Sir Curtis Seretse Dennis Alaba Peters Joachim Kemmer
Alexander Welbat (episode: From Carter's logbook )

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