Jens Oliver Lisberg

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Memorial stone of the Faroese Student Union for Jens Oliver Lisberg in Fámjin: You left us young, club mate - you were a noble boy

Jens Oliver Lisberg (born December 24, 1896 in Fámjin , Faroe Islands ; † August 31, 1920 there ; in today's Faroese Jens Olivur Lisberg ) was a Faroese law student . He is considered to be the creator of the Merkið , the flag of the Faroe Islands .

It was actually two other creators, Janus Øssursson from Tórshavn and Paul Dahl from Vágur , who designed this cross flag together with Lisberg in Copenhagen in April 1919 and had it sewn by Ninna Jacobsen (sister of the fashion designer Liffa Gregoriussen ). But Lisberg hoisted it for the first time on June 22, 1919 in his hometown. His early death from pneumonia in 1920 resulted in him being awarded sole honor.

It was not until April 25, 1940, until Merkið - the sign wafted across the oceans. Lisberg's first copy still hangs in the church in Fámjin and a memorial stone in the churchyard commemorates him.