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Jesper Friis (called The Black ) (born September 29, 1673 ; † March 3, 1716 in front of Stralsund ) was a royal Danish colonel and most recently chief of the Fühn infantry regiment; he was hereditary lord of Örbaecklunde.


Friis became captain of the Marine Grenadier Regiment on August 1, 1700. On March 5, 1703 he joined the bodyguard on foot as a captain and in 1707 he became a chamberlain . On February 26, 1708 he was second major and on December 10, 1709 premier major. He fought on March 19, 1710 in the Battle of Helsingborg ; there he was wounded and taken prisoner. Later it was exchanged for General Jakob Burenskjöld , the ransom was 250 Dutch florins .

Friis was then given the character of a colonel and came on April 29, 1710 to the Guard Battalion, which was sent to Brabant during the War of the Spanish Succession in English-Dutch pay. On January 26, 1711 he became a real colonel and chief of the Riberstift National Infantry Regiment. On April 20, 1711 he was chief of the 4th Danish Infantry Regiment and on September 20, 1713 chief of the Fühn Infantry Regiment. He fell on March 3, 1716 in the fighting off Stralsund. He was the last of the Friis from the Hasselager line.


He was married to Marie Svane (March 29, 1698 - December 5, 1772). She was the daughter of the master hunter Frederick Svane (1662-1730) and Anna Margarete Vibe (1673-1721). After the death of her husband, the widow married the privy councilor Frederik von Oertzen (* July 1, 1712; † September 28, 1779).


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  1. The general was exchanged for several officers. B. also the later General Andreas Augustin von der Lühe with this contingent