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Carl Frederik Bricka 1883

Carl Frederik Bricka (born July 10, 1845 near Vesterbro ; died August 23, 1903 in Copenhagen ) was a Danish historian, biographer and archivist. He was also the editor of the Dansk biografisk Leksikon .


Bricka's father Frederik Vilhelm Theodor Bricka (1809–1879) was an army doctor and had passed his surgical examination in 1833. His mother was Marie Dorothea (nee Ripperger died on March 2, 1847) he had an older brother Georg Stephan (1842-1901). Bricka was baptized in St. Petri Church. Eight years after her mother's death, her father married Cecilia Ammentorp (1814–1897, a daughter of Major PH Achen) in 1855. He started school in April 1852, three years later he met Johannes Steenstrup , with whom he had been closely connected all his life.

At the end of his school days, the Danish King Frederik VII died and the German-Danish War broke out, so that his father was transferred to Brodersby near Schleswig. Bricka had a keen interest in historical subjects as a child, history was one of his favorite subjects during school and he read historical works and started a small coin collection in his free time. He left school with a commendation from his history teacher and began studying history in 1862, although his father had advised him to study philology. He finished his studies at the University of Copenhagen in 1870 with a master's degree . In 1871 he took up a position as an assistant in the Royal Library in Copenhagen and in 1882 he worked for the Secret Archives (Reichsarchiv), where he was promoted to archivist in 1889 and appointed to Reich archivist in 1897. Bricka was particularly interested in the biography of historical figures and the history of Denmark in the 16th and 17th centuries. Among other things, he described the relationship between Frederik II and his childhood sweetheart (Anna Hardenberg) or published the letters of King Kristian IV in seven volumes together with JA Fridericia.

Bricka was also a member of the Danish Historical Society ( Danish Danske Historiske Forening ) and the Society for the History of the Fatherland ( Danish Selskabet for fædrelandets historie ) and published the Historisk tidsskrift from 1878 to 1897 and the Danske magazine since 1883 . Bricka was since February 6, 1894 honorary member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Scholarship, History and Antiquities ( Swedish Kungliga Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Academies ).

Works (selection)

Bricka's most important work was the 19-volume lexicon Dansk biografisk lexikon. Tillige omfattende Norge for tidsrummet 1537–1814 , which he published in the Gyldendalske Boghandels forlag in Copenhagen. The last three volumes appeared after his death and were published by Laust Laursen and Johannes Steenstrup. The lexicon was revised and supplemented from 1933 and was re-edited in 27 volumes by Povl Engelstoft and Svend Dahl.

But he also wrote other historical writings.

  • De believing Dyrs Undergang i Nørrejylland af E. Erslev . In: Historisk Tidsskrift . tape 4 , no. 2 . Copenhagen 1872, OCLC 489017620 , p. 841-860 (Danish, ).
  • Kong Frederik the Andes ungdomskjærlighed. Et historisk forsøg . B. Lunos bogtrykkeri, Copenhagen 1873 (Danish, ).
  • with Sophus Michael Gjellerup: Den danske adel i det 16de og 17de aarhundrede: Samtidige levnetsbeskrivelser uddragne af trykte og utrykte ligprædikener . Rudolph Klein, Copenhagen 1874, OCLC 463182366 (Danish).
  • Efterretninger om den danske flaade i efteraaret 1657 . Græbes, Copenhagen 1893, OCLC 25105530 (Danish, diaries of Peder Knudsen from September 19 to December 3, 1657).


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