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Salmonsens Konversationsleksikon 2nd edition

Salmonsen's Konversationsleksikon is a reference work in Danish and, alongside Nordisk familjebok, which is published in Swedish , it is the most comprehensive encyclopedia in the Scandinavian-speaking world . The publisher was the Copenhagen bookseller Isaac Salmonsen (1846–1910), after whom the work is named.


The first edition appeared from 1893 to 1911 under the title Salmonsens Store Illustrerede Konversationsleksikon ( Salmonsen's large illustrated conversation lexicon ) and comprised 19 volumes. It was published by Brødrene Salmonsen, which was founded by the two brothers Isaac and Morits Salmonsen (1843–1913) Salmonsen in 1871 in Copenhagen as a general bookshop. Morits had emigrated to America in 1872, but the name of the bookstore remained. Isaac soon began to publish works himself, so the first edition was published by this publisher until his death.

From 1915 to 1930 the second edition was published with a volume of 26 volumes, which was entitled Salmonsens Konversationsleksikon . After the death of Salmonsen, the editor of this edition was J. H. Schultz Forlag . A third, with twelve volumes, much smaller edition followed from 1937 to 1940 as Den Lille Salmonsen ( Der kleine Salmonsen ), a one-volume version appeared in 1949 under the title Den nye Salmonsen ( The new Salmonsen ).

Salmonsen's Konversationsleksikon can be found in almost all Danish libraries to this day and is the only Danish-language lexicon in many foreign libraries. It was not until 1994 to 2001 that Den Store Danske Encyklopædi ( The Great Danish Encyclopedia ), consisting of 20 volumes, was published as a current reference work claiming to be a Danish national encyclopedia . The publisher is Danmarks Nationalleksikon A / S , a subsidiary of the Danish publishing house Gyldendal .


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