Yevgeny Evgenyevich Podkletnow

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Evgeni Evgen'evič Podkletnov ( Russian Евгений Евгеньевич Подклетнов , scientific transliteration Evgenij Evgen'evič Podkletnov , internationally also known as Eugene Podkletnov ) (* 1955 ) is a Russian chemist and materials scientist . He currently works at the Moscow Chemical Scientific Research Center .


Podkletnow claims to have observed an effect of shielding the gravitational field ( antigravity ) in Finland in September 1992 during experiments with rotating high-temperature superconductors at the University of Tampere . An object above the superconductor experienced a lower weight than normal. His experiment has so far not been reproduced by an independent body or by researchers in collaboration with Podkletnow. He himself claims, however, that his experiments have been confirmed, but he wants to protect the researchers involved from criticism from the professional world. His statements are therefore highly controversial.

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