Jiang Tingxi

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"Eleven Doves" painting by Jiang Tingxi

Jiang Tingxi ( Chinese  蔣廷錫  /  蒋廷锡 , Pinyin Jiǎng Tíngxí ) (*  1669 in Changshu , Jiangsu Province , China ; †  1732 ) was a Chinese painter and an editor of the encyclopedia Gujin tushu jicheng ( Complete Collection of Ancient and Modern Papers and Maps ).

Jiang Tingxi was also known by the names Nansha, Qingtong Jushi, Qiujun, XiGu, Yangsun and Youjun.

The 5,020 volume encyclopedia Gujin tushu jicheng was published in 1726 and was compiled by Chen Menglei and Jiang Tingxi during the reigns of the Qing Dynasty Emperors Kangxi and Yongzheng .

As court painter and grand secretary of the Imperial Court in Kyoto , Jiang used a wide range of artistic styles, focusing particularly on paintings of birds and flowers. Jiang Tingxi was also proficient in calligraphy .