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Joachim Heinzle (left) with his colleague Nathanael Busch in a public dialogue about the Nibelungenlied at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

Joachim Heinzle (born August 2, 1945 in Konstanz ) is a German Germanic Medievalist . He is Professor Emeritus for Older German Language and Literature at the Institute for German Philology of the Middle Ages at the Philipps University of Marburg . In addition, Heinzle acted until 2010 as the editor of the " Zeitschrift für deutsches Altertum ", an old Germanist specialist journal. His main research interests include the Nibelungenlied and the heroic epic .

The anthology introduced by Heinzle, Modernes Mittelalter, combines literary and historical aspects in order to present new research questions for this epoch. These are u. a. the concept of the Middle Ages ( Peter von Moos ), courtly culture ( Joachim Bumke ), folk culture ( Werner Mezger ), amicable conflict resolution through satisfaction and rituals ( Gerd Althoff ), the just judge (Heinzle), the memoria ( Otto Gerhard Oexle ), the relationship between orality , writing and fictionality ( Walter Haug ) or the visual language.

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