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Joachim von Boeselager (baptized October 16, 1608 in Jever ; † April 21, 1668 ibid) was a German court official and diplomat .


Boeselager is the son of Henning von Boeselager and his wife Dorothea von Broberg.

Up to the age of 16 in 1624 Boeselager was a page at the Oldenburg court. Then he was recruited for the regiment of Josias Rantzau and served in France for almost two years. Here he advanced to lieutenant captain in a short time .

In 1638 at the latest he quit his job and moved to the court of Count Anthon Günther von Oldenburg as court squire . With this Boeselager accompanied the young Prince Johann VI. von Anhalt-Zerbst when he officially entered Anhalt on November 7, 1642.

As early as November 4, 1642, Boeselager was accepted into the Fruit Bringing Society by Prince Ludwig I of Anhalt-Köthen, together with Prince Johann and Konrad Balthasar Pichtel . Probably because of the festivities for the accession to the throne, there was no opportunity for Boeselager's admission celebrations. In a letter dated December 30, 1642, Prince Ludwig I. Boeselager authorizes the willing honor and inauguration to take place .

With the same letter, he gave him the company name of the restrainer and the motto what bleeds . Boeselager's emblem was the black nettle root ( Stachys sylvatica L. ). In Köthener Society book, Boeselager entry is under the number 400. There is also the rhyme law is stated, which he wrote during his recording.:

The black nettle grows up from a
root that bleeds everything in style, but it must be dug
With a special quiet way: He took on it,
What bleeding came to me: We should have on us
'A wisdom in our life'
And don't be bloodthirsty these are the
gifts of peace that give God's spirit, and without fruit are not,
yes, those rewarded with use are gracious.

Diplomatic missions took Boeselager to Great Britain (1639), Sweden (1645), Gravenhage (1647) and Vienna (1648) in the following years.

In 1649 Boeselager withdrew to his estate Sparenburg in Jeverland, which had been given to him by Count Anthon Günther von Oldenburg for his loyal service . Here he married Anna Salome von Wackerbart on November 29, 1653.

At the age of 42 he was elected to the Deichgrafenamt and held this office until his death. Joachim von Boeselager died on April 21, 1668 at the age of 60 in Jever, which had belonged to Anhalt-Zerbst since 1667 .

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