Job according to grades

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Television series
German title Job according to grades
Country of production Germany
original language German
year 1972
length 25 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season
First broadcast November 7, 1972 on ZDF

Job nach Noten is a German television series . The series consists of only one season with 6 episodes and was broadcast on ZDF from November 7, 1972 to January 16, 1973 .


The young composer Jo Herschel lives for music and wants to compose. To do this, he has to earn money and therefore works in various jobs, which he immediately neglects as soon as he meets a girl who interests him.

Episode list

episode title First broadcast
1 The cymbal 07/11/1972
2 Riverboatshuffle 11/21/1972
3 The contest 05.12.1972
4th The singing lesson December 19, 1972
5 The wedding 01/02/1973
6th The spa concert January 16, 1973

Production notes

The individual episodes were broadcast on ZDF on Tuesdays from 6:35 p.m. to 6:50 p.m. The script was written by Jürgen Knop and Peter Wortmann , and the director was Ralf Lothar .

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