Johann Christoph Bach the Elder

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Johann Christoph Bach (born February 22, 1645 in Erfurt ; buried September 7, 1693 in Arnstadt ) was the twin brother of Johann Ambrosius Bach , the father of Johann Sebastian Bach . His father was the town musician Christoph Bach the Elder. Ä.

In 1671 Johann Christoph was appointed court musician (violinist) to the Arnstädter Hof. Since there were disputes with the town musician of Gräder and there was no peace even after an arbitration award, all musicians were fired on January 7, 1681 "because of ... their disagreement". As all public music was forbidden due to the sovereign's death shortly afterwards, Johann Christoph got into great distress. However, at the beginning of 1682 he was reinstated at court by the new sovereign. The new employer, Count Günther von Schwarzburg-Arnstadt, seems to have been very satisfied with his court musician.

There must have been an extraordinary resemblance between Johann Ambrosius and Johann Christoph Bach. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach reports:

“These twins are perhaps the only ones of this kind that are known. They loved each other utterly. They looked so alike that even their wives couldn't tell them apart. They were a miracle to great masters and to everyone who saw them. Language, attitude, everything was the same. Even in music they were indistinguishable, they played all together, they thought their performance consistently. If one was sick, so was the other. In short, they died in quick succession. "

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Individual evidence

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