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Christoph Bach (* April 19 . Jul / 29. April  1613 greg. In Wechmar , † September 12 jul. / 22. September  1661 greg. In Arnstadt ) was the second son of John Bach , brother of Johann and Heinrich Bach and grandfather of Johann Sebastian Bach .


After his musical training years - certainly initially with his father and possibly also with the Suhl town piper Hoffmann - he returned to Wechmar around 1633 as town musician and “princely servant”.

In 1640 he stayed in Prettin , Saxony , where he married the daughter of a town piper, Maria Magdalena Grabler . They had three sons who all became musicians: Georg Christoph Bach (1642–1697) and the twins Johann Christoph Bach (1645–1693) and Johann Ambrosius Bach (1645–1695), the father of Johann Sebastian Bach .

Christoph Bach was a council musician in Erfurt from 1642 to 1652 .

For the Bach family, Erfurt was the “main meeting point” for a very long time. In Erfurt they dominated the musical life for a century to such an extent that all council musicians were still called "Bache" in 1793, although none of them had lived by that name for a long time. In the church registers of the Kaufmannskirche alone, over 60 christenings, weddings and funerals of the Bach family of Erfurt are registered.

In 1654 he went to Arnstadt as a “Count's court and town musician”. Any compositions are not preserved.

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