Johann Heinrich Graeser

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"Graeserhaus" in Eschweiler-Pump

Johann Heinrich Graeser (born September 30, 1774 in Saarbrücken , † February 15, 1857 in Eschweiler ) was a German engineer and mountain master of the Eschweiler Kohlberg .


When Graeser came to Eschweiler from Saarland in the second half of the 1790s , he became an assistant to the “Commission for the topographical and underground recording of mines, smelters and factories” in the Département de la Roer . At that time, the Eschweiler Mining Association ( EBV) did not exist, but in 1801 it took over the overall management of several hard coal mines owned by the Wältgens-Englerth family , which Napoléon Bonaparte then enfeoffed in 1802 with the Eschweiler Kohlberg, the Centrum mine and the Birkengang mine . So Graeser was first director of the Kohlberg and then from 1838 to 1847 director of the EBV, since then a member of the administration until his death. In 1847 he took over the company "Reuleaux & Cie.", Which he expanded in 1856 with an iron foundry . He lived in the so-called "Graeser-Haus" in Eschweiler-Pump directly opposite the pump house and a few steps from the mining office, the EBV administration building at that time.

In 1964 the "Graeserstraße" in Eschweiler- Bergrath near the former mine reserve was named after him.

Friedrich Graeser

Friedrich Graeser, his son, was Christine Englerth's private secretary .