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Johann Lorenz Bach (born September 10th July / September 20,  1695 greg. In Schweinfurt , † December 14, 1773 in Lahm ) was a German composer from the Franconian line of the Bach family .

The Herbst organ (1728–1732), on which Johann Lorenz Bach worked.


Johann Lorenz Bach was trained musically by his father Johann Valentin Bach and from 1713–1717 in Weimar by Johann Sebastian Bach . From 1718 until his death in 1773 he was cantor , organist and schoolmaster in the Freiherrlich Lichtenstein residence Lahm, in Franconia between Coburg and Bamberg .

The organ that he played for over fifty years still stands in the castle church : a largely original instrument by the organ builder Heinrich Gottlieb Herbst from Halberstadt , built 1728–1732 with 29 sounding stops on two manuals and a lavishly occupied pedal. A tombstone in the church commemorates Johann Lorenz Bach.

Apart from a prelude and fugue in D major, the works of Johann Lorenz Bach have been lost. A copy of the prelude is available in the Lahm / Itzgrund parish archive. The fugue in D major is available in edited volumes (e.g. Ritter 'Geschichte des Orgelspiels' Volume 2). There it can be found under Johann Bernhard Bach.

Here is the previously inaccessible Prelude in D major by "Lahmer" Bach:

Audio file / audio sample Prelude in D major ? / i

Johann Sebastian's family tree of the Bach family has the following entry on Joh.Lorenz:

"No. 38. Joh. Lorenz Bach, Joh. Valent. Bach's Sub No. 21 eldest son, is organist at Lahme in Franconia. "

Bach married Catharina Froembes in 1719. The couple had five daughters.

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