Johann Ludwig Schnell

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Johann Ludwig Schnell (born July 15, 1781 in Burgdorf ; † May 10, 1859 ibid) was a Swiss politician who at times played a leading role in the liberal movement in the canton of Bern during the regeneration period .


Johann Ludwig Schnell was the eldest of three sons (" Gebrüder Schnell ", → Karl Schnell , → Hans Schnell ) of the Burgdorf lawyer Johann Schnell (1751–1827), who made a name for himself in the liberal movement in the canton of Bern as a supporter of the Helvetic Republic had made. In the footsteps of his father, Johann Ludwig Schnell became clerk and town clerk in Burgdorf.

As a supporter of the liberal movement and town clerk, he convinced the town council of Burgdorf on October 15, 1830, under the influence of the July Revolution in France, in vain to demand a constitutional revision from the Bern government. On December 3, 1830, he organized a meeting of the supporters of the liberals in Burdorf, which gave the impetus to the liberal overthrow in the canton of Bern. In 1831 he was a member of the Constitutional Council of the Canton of Bern. Then he stepped back politically behind his brothers.