International humanitarian aid organization

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International Humanitarian Aid Organization - IHH
purpose According to the statutes: "Worldwide humanitarian aid in the event of natural disasters, wars and other disasters" ;
According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior: "Support Hamas and its related organizations"
Chair: Mustafa Yoldas
Establishment date: 1998
Dissolution date: 2012 (ban 2010, legally binding 2012)
Seat : Frankfurt am Main
Website: ( ( Memento from April 27, 2009 in the Internet Archive ))

The International Humanitarian Aid Organization - IHH was a registered association based in Frankfurt am Main and was founded in 1998 in Cologne under the name "IHH - Initiative Humanitarian Aid Organization" . The chairman was the Hamburg doctor Mustafa Yoldas (chairman of the Schura Hamburg and avowed member and functionary of the Islamic community Milli Görüs ). On July 12, 2010, the association was banned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior because it "under the guise of humanitarian aid deliberately and specifically supports organizations that are part of Hamas or that in turn support Hamas"; it is directed against the idea of international understanding within the meaning of the Basic Law . The association ban was confirmed by the Federal Administrative Court.


In 1995 İnsan Hak ve Hürriyetleri ve İnsani Yardım Vakfı was founded as the first IHH organization in Turkey. The background was the war in Bosnia. According to its own statements, IHH helped war victims and refugees during the war. After the war in Bosnia, the organization expanded its activities.

The association, founded in Germany in 1998, had four agencies in Europe in Belgium , Denmark , the Netherlands and Austria and numerous other partner organizations.

IHH was a non-governmental organization (NGO). She was independent and financed her work exclusively through donations and sponsoring memberships.


IHH-Germany was said to be too close to the Islamic community Milli Görüs . However, the IHH itself emphasized in 2003 that it was "a purely humanitarian, not an Islamic aid organization".

Prohibition Procedure

On July 12, 2010, the then German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière banned the organization on the grounds that it had donated millions to the radical Islamic Hamas. The authorities implemented the ban on the same day in Hamburg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia, confiscating IHH's assets, among other things. The IHH board of directors brought an action against the ban before the Federal Administrative Court . The court lifted the immediate enforceability of the association ban in June 2011 under certain conditions. This included a ban on transfers to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and a monthly report on donations and aid provided. The Interior Ministry rejected this settlement proposal. The IHH lodged a constitutional complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court against the dismissal judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of April 18, 2012, where the case is being conducted under reference number 1 BvR 1474/12. A decision should be made in the course of 2018.


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