Johann Rudolf Sinner (writer)

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Johann Rudolf Sinner (baptized May 22, 1730 in Bern , † 1787 in Bern) was a Swiss writer and magistrate .


Johann Rudolf Sinner (von Ballaigues), grandson of the eponymous mayor of the city and republic of Bern, was elected chief librarian of the Bern city library on the recommendation of Albrecht von Haller . By marrying Louise Emilie de Gingins he became master of Ballaigues , which earned him his surname. As a member of the Economic Society he wrote mineralogical treatises and as senior librarian he dealt with handwritten sources and the Codices collection of Jacques Bongars , which he was the first to catalog. In 1764 he became a member of the Great Council, and in 1776 bailiff to Erlach . Due to illness he had to give up his office in 1785 and died two years later.

His estate, which contains numerous letters from Voltaire , is in the Bern Burger Library .


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