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Emil Blösch (born January 11, 1838 in Burgdorf BE ; † March 11, 1900 in Bern ; also Emil Bloesch ) was a Swiss Reformed theologian , church historian and librarian .


Emil Blösch was born on January 11, 1838 in Burgdorf in the canton of Bern as the son of the lawyer Eduard Blösch (1807–1866) and Rosina Elisabeth, born Schnell. He studied theology at the universities of Bern , Berlin and Heidelberg and became a pastor in Laupen in 1864 . In 1874 he resigned his pastoral office in the church in Bern because he was involved in church political disputes. From then on he devoted himself to history. In 1875 he was employed as an assistant at the State Archives in Bern. In the same year, the University of Zurich awarded him an honorary doctorate .

In 1878 he took over the post of senior librarian at the Bern City Library . From 1885 he worked as a private lecturer , from 1891 as an associate professor of Swiss church history at the University of Bern. In addition, Blösch was the founder of the Bern Committee for Church Charity and was head of the Historical Association of the Canton of Bern . He also worked on the General German Biography and wrote 93 articles. In 1891 he was made an honorary citizen of the city of Bern. He became a member of the Society of Middle Lions . On March 11, 1900, Blösch died in Bern; shortly before, he had received a second honorary doctorate from the University of Lausanne .

He was married to Mathilde Studer. Her son was the editor and librarian Hans Bloesch (1878-1945).

Awards, honors

  • 1875: Dr. hc from the University of Zurich
  • 1891: Ehrenburger of the city of Bern
  • 1900: Dr. hc from the University of Lausanne

Publications (selection)

  • On the ecclesiastical question. KJ Wyss, Bern 1871.
  • Eduard Blösch and thirty years of Bern history , Bern 1872.
  • A church program , Bern 1876.
  • History of the Swiss Reformed Church, 2 vol., Bern 1898–1899.


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