John Romita Sr.

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John Romita (2006)

John Romita senior (born January 24, 1930 in Brooklyn , New York ) is an influential and well-known illustrator of American comics . He is the father of comic artist John Romita junior .

His first comic was a romantic story for female readers and was published by Eastern Color in 1949. In 1950 Romita started working for Marvel , drawing for various series here. He got his first contact with superheroes in 1954 with the new edition of Captain America . In 1957 he left Marvel to return to drawing stories for girls at DC . DC discontinued these series in 1965 and Romita returned to Marvel, drawing for series such as Daredevil , Hulk and Dr. Strange .

His breakthrough came when he succeeded Steve Ditko as the illustrator for Spider-Man in 1966. With Stan Lee as the author, he created very successful comics through his clear drawing style. In 1972 Romita became the art director at Marvel. The success of Spider-Man led to the publication of comic strips in the mid-1970s . Romita drew the first episodes together with his son John, although he had given up the drawings for the series in 1971.

In 2002 he received the Eisner Award for his complete works .