Jonathan Cartland

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title Jonathan Cartland
country France
author Laurence Harlé
Illustrator Michel Blanc-Dumont
publishing company Dargaud
magazine Lucky Luke
First publication 1974-1995

Jonathan Cartland (Original title: Jonathan Cartland ) is the title character of the Franco-Belgian comic series of the same name , which Laurence Harlé and Michel Blanc-Dumont introduced in 1974 in the French comic magazine Lucky Luke . Since 1975, 10 albums have been released that have been released over a period of 20 years.


Trapper Jonathan Cartland, who is very familiar with the way of life of the Indians, is hired as a scout for various expeditions. His life is marked by ups and downs. He loses his Indian wife by murder and finds his lost son.


It was Michel Blanc-Dumont's first own series . Laurence Harlé wrote the lyrics.


The first story of this western comic appeared in Lucky Luke between 1974 and 1975, divided into five chapters . In 1977 and 1989 the series was reprinted in Pilote . All albums were released by Dargaud . The series appeared in German for the first time in the series Die große Edel-Western bei Ehapa . Splitter and comicplus + released the albums as an independent series. A three-volume complete edition was published by Splitter in 2013/2014.

Long stories

No. title year
1 Indian friend 1974/75
2 Last trek to Oregon 1976
3 The spirit of Wah-Kee 1977
4th The spider woman's treasure 1977/78
5 The castle on the Wind River 1979
6th Caught in chaos 1981
7th Silver Canyon 1983
8th The shadow's survivors 1986/87
9 Sun child 1988/89
10 On the trail of the devil 1995


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