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José Oregón Morales (born December 22, 1949 in Sallqapampa , Tayacaja Province , Huancavelica Region , Peru ) is a Peruvian writer who writes in Spanish and Chanka-Quechua . Because of his Quechua prose, he is counted among the most important Quechua authors .


José Oregón grew up in the Quechua village of Sallqapampa and later studied literature at the Escuela Superior Mixta in Huancavelica .

In 1984 he published twelve Quechua stories under the title Kutimanco , which he had heard from his mother. In 1986 he published the play El motín (The Mutiny) in Spanish .

In 1994 his book Loro ccolluchi ( Luru qulluchi , Fighting Parrots) was published with eight short stories in Quechua. In the two longest of these stories, the author deals with his memories of his childhood in Sallqapampa in the Andes, while the other six stories are based on orally transmitted stories. In Luru qulluchi , he describes the village's fight against parrots that came from the east and ate away the maturing maize. In Qurilasu in the same book he writes from the perspective of a bull who has to survive a bullfight.

In the Spanish-language novel La casita del cedrón (2011) he tells of his mother Carmela Morales Lazo from Sallqapampa, who flees from home from her father and develops into a songwriter and singer, member of the group Tuky.


Theater in Spanish

  • 1986: El Motín

Roman in Spanish

  • 2011: La casita del cedrón

Quechua stories

  • 1984: Kutimanco (twelve stories)
  • 1994: Loro ccolluchi ( Luru qulluchi , “Exterminio de loros y otros cuentos”: eight stories)

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