Joseph Banks Rhine

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Joseph Banks Rhine (born September 29, 1895 in Waterloo , Pennsylvania , † February 20, 1980 in Hillsborough , North Carolina ) was an American botanist and parapsychologist .


He studied biology at the University of Chicago and worked as a biologist at West Virginia University. In 1927 he went to Duke University in Durham , where he taught as a professor since 1929. Together with William McDougall , he founded the world's first parapsychological laboratory there in 1935, of which he became director. He conducted a lot of research on extrasensory perception (ASW) and psychokinesis together with his wife Louisa Ella Rhine . He did not research ASW phenomena on arbitrary media , but used random subjects for his experiments. Rhine developed standardized procedures that could be statistically evaluated. Together with his colleague Karl Zener , he invented the so-called Zener cards, with which potential telepathic abilities of a test person were to be demonstrated. The maps designed by Rhine and Zener are still used today in parapsychological examinations. At the time of his death, Rhine was President of the Society for Psychical Research (followed by his wife).


  • The reach of the human mind , 1947, German 1950
  • Parapsychology. Grenzwissenschaft der Psyche , 1957, German 1962, together with JG Pratt
  • New territory for the soul , Stuttgart 1938

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