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Joseph Lange

Peter Maria Joseph Lange (born May 4, 1911 in Neuss ; † February 7, 2007 there ) was a German journalist and local history researcher. From 1961 to 1978 he was entrusted with setting up and managing the Neuss City Archives.


Joseph Lange was born in Neuss as the son of Peter Paul Lange and Anna Katharina Sybilla, b. Giffel, born and attended the Quirinus-Gymnasium there . From 1931 he briefly studied history at the University of Cologne and worked from 1932 to 1935 for the Neuss-Grevenbroicher newspaper and then from 1936 to 1940 for the Catholic Church and as a freelance journalist. From 1940 to 1945 he served as a soldier. After returning from the Soviet captivity (1945-1949) he worked again as a local editor for the Neuss-Grevenbroicher newspaper . In a short period, between 1958 and 1961, he worked as a freelance journalist and writer. In 1959/60 Lange was king of rifles in the city of Neuss at the Neuss citizen rifle festival and gave the Neuss citizen rifle club a stained glass window around which a house for the riflemen and their history should be built "around it". Afterwards he was a member of the committee of the Neusser Bürger-Schützen-Verein for 22 years.

In 1961 he was entrusted with setting up and managing the Neuss city archive. He was in charge of the Neuss City Archives - most recently as City Archives Director - until 1978. During his time as head of the archive, the holdings were expanded and the archive moved into a new domicile on Oberstrasse in 1967. In 2004 the Rheinische Schützenmuseum Neuss with the Joseph Lange Schützenarchiv , initiated by him with the lead glass window, was founded.

On his 95th birthday, the “Small Chronicle of the City of Neuss” published by the city archives and the first volume of the series of the Rheinisches Schützenmuseum “Neusser - Bürger - Schützen” with a directory of the archive of the Neusser Bürger-Schützen-Verein compiled by Joseph Lange were published and selected articles Langes.

Joseph Lange died on February 7, 2007 at the age of 95.

He was considered the "best expert on Neuss city history and its local tradition".


  • Elected member of the Society for Rhenish History (1970)
  • Honorary member of the Neusser Bürger-Schützen-Verein (1982)
  • Rhineland Thaler (1983)
  • Knight of the Order of Gregory (1984)
  • Honorary member of the civil society in Neuss (1986)
  • Silver Seal of the City of Neuss (1991)
  • Cross of Merit First Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (1993)

Fonts (selection)

  • Catholic Neuss in the past and present (1960)
  • Neuss in the Middle Ages and Modern Times (in: Neuss through the ages; 1969)
  • Citizens and Citizens' Sons (1973, extended edition 1998)
  • Neuss, Burgundy and the Empire (1975)
  • Between the gate and the towers. Impressions of a Neusser (1986)
  • Constantia and civil society in Neuss (1986)
  • Neuss riflemen. A reflection of urban history and culture (1991)
  • 100 years of the Catholic parish of St. Marien zu Neuss (1996)


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