Joseph Yerly

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Joseph Yerly (born June 17, 1896 in Treyvaux , Canton of Friborg ; † May 23, 1961 ) was a Swiss writer in the Friborg dialect of the Franco-Provencal language .


Joseph Yerly was the son of Victor Yerly and Marie Yerly b. Gaillard. He lived as a farmer in the Freiburg municipality of Treyvaux and was married to Marie Peiry. He represented the Free Democratic Party in the Freiburg Grand Council .

Yerly wrote short stories , novels and plays in the Franco-Provencal patois. Treyvaux was one of the well-known venues of the Patois theater in the interwar period.

In 1939 Yerly was elected President of the newly founded Freiburg Trachtenvereinigung. He was a member of the Freiburg Writers 'Association and the Swiss Writers' Association .

His stage work Kan la têra tsantè was set to music by the Freiburg composer Georges Aeby .


  • Kan la têra tsantè. 1938.
  • Le tsandèlê dè loton. 1937.
  • La voudâja de la Bôma.
  • Homage to the Abbé Bovet .
  • Ou pi de la krâ.
  • La méjon ke pliàrè. 1941.
  • Kolin di dzanlyè.
  • Le chèrvechyâ.
  • La bénichon.
  • Lè botè.
  • La voix fribourgeoise, boun'an en Gruyère.