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Juan José Benítez

Juan José Benítez López (born September 7, 1946 in Pamplona ), better known as JJ Benítez , is a Spanish journalist and author , best known for his publications on UFOs and for his series of novels Caballo de Troya , a time travel story that tells the life of Jesus Christ followed and became a bestseller in Spain.


Benítez studied journalism at the University of Navarra with a degree in 1965. The next year he started working for the newspaper La Verdad in Murcia , but soon moved to the Heraldo de Aragón and the Gaceta del Norte in Bilbao . From 1972 he specialized in the subject of UFOs. In 1975 he wrote about the Turin Shroud ; the work on this religious topic is said to have inspired him for his novel series Caballo de Troya .

Benítez has often been accused of plagiarism and forgery of sources. Some believe that he copied parts of Caballo de Troya from Urantia . His work in the UFO area was also often described as fake and poorly researched.

In 1979 he quit his work as an active journalist and began writing investigative books and novels. At times he also mentions Erich von Däniken , who, as he says, has done “pioneering work” in one area. Benítez has now published over 50 books; His last book so far was published in 2017, the subject of which is the final hours of Che Guevara .

Works (selection)


  • Jesus de Nazareth. Nada es lo que parece (2012)
  • Los Astronautas de Yavé (1980)


  • Mis ovnis favoritos (2001)
  • El Ovni de Belén (1983)

Science fiction novels

  • Caballo de Troya (saga, 11 novels)

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