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Jules Émile Péan alias "The Pean" (born November 29, 1830 in Marboué near Châteaudun , † January 30, 1898 in Paris ) was a French surgeon and is considered the inventor of precise hemostasis.


Jules Péan, the son of a miller, began studying medicine in Paris in 1849, where he received his doctorate in 1860 and then worked as a prosector at the medical faculty. From 1865 he worked for the Bureau Central .


From 1866 to 1872 he worked as a surgeon at the Enfants Assistés and Lourcine hospitals in Paris. He then worked at the Paris hospitals of Saint-Antoine and Saint-Louis before founding the Hôpital International in the same city , where he operated in tails, with a napkin tied to his shirt, and where Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec operated on him Depicted 80 drawings and two oil paintings.


Péan led on April 9, 1879 for the first time a pylorus - resection in a patient with gastric outlet obstruction through. The patient survived the operation by four days.

The Péanklemme , a surgical instrument he designed for hemostasis , is named after Jules Péan . A clamp similar to the Kocher clamp , but with less traumatic effect as the teeth at the end of the blade are missing. A dispute over priorities arose because of the invention of the Koeberlé clamp, named after Eugène Koeberlé (1828–1915), used for hemostasis .

In 1893 Péan used a metal endoprosthesis for the first time to treat a shoulder destroyed by tuberculosis.

Péan was also the first to operate on bladder diverticula .


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