KFNB - Cyclop and Goliath

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Type : 2'A n2
Service mass: 41.4 t
Driving wheel diameter: 1,159 mm
Impeller diameter front: 764 mm
Cylinder diameter: 299 mm
Piston stroke: 509 mm
Boiler overpressure: 5.4 bar
Radiant heating surface: 4.20 m²
Tubular heating surface: 37.20 m²

The steam locomotives Cyclop and Goliath were freight locomotives of the KFNB with the axle formula 2'A. They were delivered to the KFNB by Nasmyth, Gaskell & Co. in 1841 .

The locomotives were probably similar to the Adonis type and were derived from the machines previously supplied by William Norris .

The machines were retired in 1863.