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Fishing boats in the Müritz

Kahn is the general name of a small, flat-bottomed uncovered vessel that can be used for rivers, inland and harbor waters .


Traditionally barges were by muscle force ( Staken , towing , paddles , oars ), wind ( sails ) or engine power (steam and diesel tractor pusher boat, bumper boat driven). The size varies between a few meters and about 70 m in length. The name Kahn is one of the oldest documented boat names on the Baltic coast.

The large barges operating on rivers were mainly named after their main area of ​​use or special size-defining locks, e.g. B. Elbe barges, Odermaß and Finow Maß barges . They were built flat and had one to three masts with square , spriet and gaff sails . Her large hold was closed with a hatch cover if necessary.

Wood as a building material gave way to iron and steel at the beginning of the 20th century. Both were temporarily used in combination. In some cases, special plastic was also used.

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