Callon of Aegina

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Kallon (also: Kalon ; * in Aigina ) was a Greek sculptor. He was active around the time of Kanachos from Sikyon , in the period from the 70th to the 80th Olympic Games (500 to 460 BC), and is considered a student of Tectaios and Angelion .

Kallon created a brazen tripod for Amyklai , between whose feet the figure of Persephone stood, and for the castle at Corinth a wooden statue of Athena Sthenias. Whether the Aeginian gable groups come from Kallon himself is controversial, but they should correspond to his style.

It should not be associated with the eponymous , around 400 BC. B.C. active bronze sculptors from Elis , whose main work was a group anathem in Olympia .