Kamionki (Kórnik)

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Kamionki [kaˈmjɔnki] ( German  Kamionek , 1939 to 1945 Steindorf ) is a village on the territory of the municipality of Kórnik in the Poznański powiat in the Greater Poland Voivodeship . Kamionki is about ten kilometers northwest of Kórnik and 14 kilometers south of Poznan and has 1,373 inhabitants .

A combined 380 kV / 220 kV line has been running through the new development areas of Kamionki since 2006, which is laid on 72 meter high red and white painted masts with five cross members . It is part of the extra- high voltage line from the Plewiska substation to the Pątnów power station near Konin . Due to the high power consumption of modern flat screens and floodlight systems, its construction was considered an indispensable investment for the 2012 European Football Championship . This line replaced a single-circuit 220 kV line laid on 25 meter high delta masts from 1958. The route through the new construction area was chosen at the time for reasons of cost, although a line route outside the local area was easily possible.

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Coordinates: 52 ° 17 '  N , 16 ° 58'  E