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Kari Rueslåtten

Kari Rueslåtten (born October 3, 1973 ) is a Norwegian singer.


Kari Rueslåtten was the co-founder and singer of The 3rd and the Mortal in 1993 , which is often said to have laid the foundation for Gothic Metal with female vocals, which then quickly gained popularity thanks to bands like Theater of Tragedy . Before that, she had sung as a guest in a number of bands in various musical styles. With The 3rd and the Mortal she only recorded one demo (1993), the EP Sorrow and the album Tears Laid In Earth (both 1994). Then she left the band.

In 1994 she worked with the two black metal musicians Fenriz ( Darkthrone ) and Satyr ( Satyricon ) on the Storm project . The result was the album Nordavind , which combines traditional Norwegian folk songs with elements of Black Metal.

Kari Rueslåtten's first solo demo was released in 1995 and was also folk-inspired, but musically minimal and consisted mostly of keyboard ambient pieces in Norwegian and English. These demos were two years later under the name Demo Recordings of Sony Norway as a CD released. Her first real album was Spindelsinn (1997), a musically diverse album with folk pieces, this time entirely in Norwegian, lyrical with the folk penchant for natural romanticism. With this album she was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy for best singer and for the Hit Award for best artist.

The following year a somewhat more modern-looking album was released, Mesmerized , on which Kari Rueslåtten separates a little from pure acoustic and keyboard folk. She then went to London , England for a few years and studied music production. In 2002 their comeback album Pilot was released on the Swedish label GMR Music , which was licensed to the Prophecy Productions label for marketing in German-speaking countries . In 2003 she performed for the first time outside her home country at two concerts in Russia. Her album Other People's Stories (2005) was released in a special edition in 2007 with a new title and two remixes. She recently published Time To Tell (2014) and To the North in October 2015 and toured Germany with them.


Chart positions
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Spindle sense
  NO 29 10/1997 (2 weeks)

With tape

  • Unchain - Beyond Time (EP, 1991)
  • Israelvis - Albino Blue (1993)
  • Israelvis - Mutilation (EP, 1993)
  • The 3rd and the Mortal - Demo # 1 (1993)
  • The 3rd and the Mortal - Sorrow (EP, 1994)
  • The 3rd and the Mortal - Tears Laid in Earth (1994)
  • Storm - Nordavind (1995)
  • Rawthang - Scorned
  • Rawthang - Beautiful Morning
  • Rawthang - Epilogue


  • Demo Recordings (1995, re-release 1997)
  • Spindle Sense (1997)
  • I Månens Favn (EP, 1997)
  • Mesmerized (1998)
  • Make Me A Stone (EP, 1998)
  • Pilot (2002)
  • Exile (EP, 2002)
  • Other People's Stories (2005)
  • Time To Tell (2014)
  • To the North (2015)
  • Silence Is The Only Sound (2017)

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