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Karl-Josef Kutsch , also Karl Josef Kutsch , or KJ Kutsch for short (born May 11, 1924 in Gangelt - Brüxgen ) is a German doctor and, together with Leo Riemens, the author of the Great Singer Lexicon .

life and work

Karl-Josef Kutsch studied medicine , was drafted and participated as a soldier in the Russian campaign of World War II. In 1948 he graduated from the University of Frankfurt am Main . From 1952 to 1989 he worked as a general practitioner, together with his wife, the doctor Elisabeth Kutsch, in Gangelt - Brüxgen .

Since the 1950s, Kutsch has built up a collection of records and singer biographies. Together with the Dutch musicologist Leo Riemens (1910–1985), he published a small song dictionary in 1962 under the title Immortal Voices . In 1975 the revision as Immortal Voices followed. Singer Lexicon , which was revised with his and Riemens' participation in 1985 and developed into a standard work. It is now called the Large Singer Lexicon , has been substantially expanded with the help of Hansjörg Rost , and the current edition comprises seven volumes with detailed biographies of around 18,760 singers from the Renaissance to the present day. The biographies give the real name, a possible artist name, the dates of life and origin as well as the vocal subject and give an overview of the career - according to places of work and works that were sung and performed. In addition, the biographies contain brief descriptions of the most important stations, a characterization of the voice and, in the case of big names, literature references and audio recordings.


  • The state of health of school children in the Geilenkirchen-Heinsberg district in the school year 1946–1947. Dissertation. 1948.
  • with Leo Riemens : Large Singer Lexicon . From 1962 several editions and revised editions
    • 4th, enlarged and updated edition. 7 volumes (Aarden – Castles; Castori – Frampoli; Franc – Kaidanoff; Kainz – Menkes; Menni – Rappold; Rasa – Sutton; Suvanny – Zysset). Print edition with e-book. Saur, Munich 2003, ISBN 978-3-598-44088-5 (later taken over from De Gruyter, Berlin, with ISBN 978-3-11-915958-6 ), LIX, 5371 pp.

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