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Relief Map: Antarctica

The Kempland is an area in the eastern Antarctic continent . It is located approximately between 55 ° and 60 ° east longitude , bordering the Enderbyland to the west and the Mac Robertson Land to the east. It was named after the British sealers Peter Kemp , of the coast of the region ( Kempküste sighted) on December 26, 1833 as the first.

In the winter of 1935/36 the coast was mapped by RRS William Scoresby as part of the Discovery Investigations research program . The first aerial photographs of the region were taken in 1947 during Operation Highjump . From 1959 to 1960 and from 1961 to 1962, the topology and geology of the Kempland was recorded by Australian expeditions of the ANARE . Another expedition to the area was carried out in the winter of 1964/65 from Mawson Station .

There is no research station in Kempland.


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