Nursery Productions

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Nursery Productions
General information
origin Ulm , Germany
Genre (s) Hip hop
founding 1994, 2019
resolution 2008
Current occupation
"Textor" aka Henrik von Holtum
"Quasi Modo" aka Sascha Klammt
Live members
Jürgen Schlachter the animal

Kinderzimmer Productions is a German hip-hop band from Ulm (in the jargon of the band U-Stadt ). They released their first album in 1994. The name of the group alludes to the Boogie Down Productions , but was changed to the production location, the children's room in Sascha Klammt's parents' house, where the idea and the initial recordings for the first two albums came about. On November 23, 2007, the band announced their breakup. After more than 10 years, the single "It comes in waves" was released on September 13, 2019. The accompanying album “Todesverektiven To Go” was released on January 17, 2020.


The first album of the same name by Kinderzimmer Productions had to be withdrawn from the market shortly after it was released because the Stranglers used an unauthorized sample from the song Golden Brown in the song Back . The Stranglers had agreed to the sample, but the record company their performing rights claimed, thus preventing the further spread of the plate. The album was released again in 1998 under the name Die Erste , with the unexplained sample being replaced by an emphatically weird piano melody played by Textor.

With their second album, Kinderzimmer Productions were more careful. In the song Intro a sample from Kate Bush is only announced with the words: "At this point there was a sample from Kate Bush".

The group's last album clearly refers to the German hip-hop scene of that time and, according to its own statement, wants to offer "a welcome alternative to the all-consuming image of fraternizing underage Fubu zombies".

Kinderzimmer Productions officially dissolved in 2007. On August 7, 2010, however, the band performed again: in the ORF Radiokulturhaus , together with the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, as part of an FM4 radio session. On July 10th, 2012 there was another concert in the Ulm Theater in cooperation with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the City of Ulm as part of the Danube Festival.


The music of Kinderzimmer Productions is characterized by the combination of often jazzy or funky samples and quotes from hip-hop classics . Textors' chanting is very fast, his language is demanding, he uses many foreign words and technical terms. In Back , Textor sings: "As I said, I write my lines sometimes disgustingly fast, sometimes greasy and slow, sometimes sensible, sometimes pointless", which aptly describes his style. This virtuoso mixture of sampling and chanting sometimes takes on psychedelic traits.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Contempt for death to go
  DE 61 01/24/2020 (1 week)
  • 1994: Kinderzimmer Productions (withdrawn from the market due to an unlicensed sample from the Stranglers)
  • 1996: On behalf of eternal youth and happiness
  • 1998: Die Erste (except for the track Back identical to the album Kinderzimmer Productions )
  • 1999: The fine art of deep blows
  • 2002: We are where up is
  • 2004: Somebody has to
  • 2007: asphalt
  • 2009: Over and Out - Live Konzerthaus Dortmund
  • 2011: Against the Grain - Live with the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra of the ORF
  • 2020: Contempt for death to go
  • 1998: 1-2-3-4
  • 1999: Doobie
  • 2002: microphone shape
  • 2004: I'm Not Sure You (EP)
  • 2005: Somewhere in between
  • 1993: Die 3 Rüben - dance music for the more mature youth (tape)

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