Sticky hornling

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Sticky hornling
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Sticky hornling ( Calocera viscosa )

Subdivision : Agaricomycotina
Class : Dacrymycetes
Order : Gelatinous teardrop (Dacrymycetales)
Family : Gelatinous Tear Relatives (Dacrymycetaceae)
Genre : Hornlings ( Calocera )
Type : Sticky hornling
Scientific name
Calocera viscosa
( Pers .: Fr. ) Fr.

The sticky hornling ( Calocera viscosa ), also called yellow goat shit or sticky beautiful horn , is a type of fungus from the tear fungus family (Dacrymycetaceae).


Drying fruiting bodies of the sticky horn take on a reddish-brown color from the tips.

Macroscopic features

The fruit body is 3 to 6 centimeters high and shaped like a club or coral mushroom. They stand together in tufts, their surface is sticky and slippery. They are light orange and turn dark red-orange as they dry. The meat is gelatinous and has a very tough consistency. The smell and taste of the species are insignificant.

Microscopic features

The spores measure 8 to 12 × 4.5 to 5.5 micrometers and are elliptical, smooth and, when mature, have a cell wall (rarely two). The spore powder is orange-yellow. The basidia are double-pored and forked. There are no buckles.

Species delimitation

The sticky hornling often resembles a coral mushroom ( Ramaria ), but can be recognized immediately by its gelatinous, cartilaginous fruiting bodies that do not break. The smaller awl-shaped horn ( Calocera cornea ) often grows on hardwood . Its fruiting bodies are only about 1 cm high.

Ecology and phenology

The species grows on dead coniferous wood, often on the moss-covered stumps of spruce trees. It is common and can be found all year round.

Food value

Like the other horns, the sticky horn is not poisonous, but due to its consistency it is hardly edible. Sometimes it is used as a decoration for mushroom dishes.


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