Bonnevaux Monastery (Vienne)

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Cistercian Abbey Bonnevaux (Vienne)
location FranceFrance France
region Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Department Vienne
Coordinates: 46 ° 29 '4 "  N , 0 ° 13' 51"  E Coordinates: 46 ° 29 '4 "  N , 0 ° 13' 51"  E
Serial number
according to Janauschek
founding year 1119 by Benedictines
Cistercian since 1124
Year of dissolution /
Mother monastery Cadouin Monastery
Primary Abbey Pontigny monastery

Daughter monasteries


The Bonnevaux (Vienne) (Bona vallis) monastery - not to be confused with the Bonnevaux (Dauphiné) monastery - is a former Cistercian abbey in the commune of Marcay in the Vienne department , Nouvelle-Aquitaine region , in France , around 16 km southwest of Poitiers am Bank of the Rhume.


The monastery was founded in 1119 by the Cadouin monastery, which at that time did not yet belong to the Cistercian order , but joined the Cistercian order as a daughter monastery of Cadouin as early as 1124 and thus belonged to the filiation of the Primary Abbey of Pontigny . As a result of the wars of religion, the church went missing. The remaining buildings were converted into a castle. During the French Revolution , the monastery came to an end in 1791.

Buildings and plant

Part of the cloister has been preserved in a private estate .


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