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Komitat is a German name for the regional administrative units of Hungary , which are called megye in Hungarian , spoken [ ˈmɛɟɛ ], the plural is megyék [ ˈmɛɟeːk ].

The German word is derived from the Latin comitatus and the Latin title comes , which originally meant “companion”, but has been the title of high Roman official since late antiquity . From this later developed the Latin equivalent of the title of a count . Accordingly, megye was sometimes translated into German as “ Grafschaft ” in the past . In addition to county , especially after 1867, the name county was also common. In connection with Croatia, German is still sometimes spoken by counties today. The county seat, i.e. the administrative seat of a county, is called megyeszékhely in Hungarian .

In earlier times these administrative units were more specifically called vármegye (castle counties), plural vármegyék (castle counties).

Today's Hungary

The current Hungarian counties

Today's Hungary consists of 19 counties and the independent capital Budapest . 23 large cities are cities with county law ( megyei jogú város ), but are not considered independent counties.

Kingdom of Hungary

The Hungarian counties from 1867 to 1918

The counties of the Kingdom of Hungary were created around the year 1000 (see also under County ).

After the compromise of 1867 , there were 64 in the Kingdom of Hungary (from 1882 through the merging of two counties to form Abaúj-Torna county only 63) and in the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia there were a further eight counties (counties). In addition there was the directly subordinate city ​​of Fiume with territory . The counties were in turn divided into districts (more precisely: in chair districts). Head of a county was the upper Gespan (mean age Gespan called;. Ungar főispán, Ispán ). After 1867, this position was mostly assigned by the government, but some of it was inherited.

Today's Croatia

Croatia is divided into 20 counties (counties) and the capital Zagreb , which itself has the status of a county.

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