Konstantin Konstantinowitsch Waginow

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Konstantin Vaginov ( Russian Константин Константинович Вагинов , scientific. Transliteration Konstantin Konstantinović Vaginov , actually Wagengejm / Wagenheim ; born September 21 . Jul / 3. October  1899 greg. In St. Petersburg ; † 26. April 1934 ) was a Russian poet.

Waginow was born as the son of a German-born officer family in Saint Petersburg. In his hometown of Leningrad, he first joined the circle of acmeists around Nikolai Gumiljow , later the avant-garde artists' association OBERIU .

Konstantin Waginow is one of the most idiosyncratic and original representatives of Russian modernism. His strategy of poetic denial made it difficult to classify the work of Konstantin Waginow.

Waginow died of tuberculosis in 1934 .


  • Козлиная песнь (1927)
  • Труды и дни Свистонова (1929)
  • Бамбочада (1931)
  • Гарпагониана (1933, 1983)

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