Konstantin Müller (Righteous Among the Nations)

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Konstantin Müller ( January 20, 1904 , † December 13, 1976 ) was an Austrian who was honored in 1974 as Righteous Among the Nations .

Konstantin Müller, son of Anna Müller , owner of a flower plant school, was a Viennese postal worker. Together with his mother, he helped many Jews with money, food, clothing and in other ways until 1942 until the deportation of the Jews to the death camps in Austria. For example, in 1942 he made it possible for the Jew Gerti Stern to leave Austria and save herself from deportation . When Julia Schapira , a Jew, who had already been registered for deportation to Poland, informed Konstantin and Anna Müller about their situation in the same year , they decided to give the two Jewish women shelter in their house. They hid her from 1942 to 1945 despite the impending mortal danger and took care of everything they needed. Since the Gestapo was often active in their vicinity, they often changed hiding places. The hidden Jewish women experienced the liberation. One day Julia Schapira was discovered by the Gestapo . With a lot of luck and relationships, Konstantin Müller was able to thwart a deportation of Julia Schapira to Poland and she was sent to a camp in Vienna.

In 1974 Konstantin Müller and his mother Anna Müller were awarded the Medal of Honor of the "Righteous of the Nations" by Yad Vashem .

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