War memorial of the Hanseatic Legion

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The war memorial of the Hanseatic Legion , also known as the Hanseatic Medal of Honor , was donated by council resolutions of the Senates of the three Hanseatic cities on March 9, 1815 (Hamburg), March 31, 1815 (Bremen) and June 7, 1815 (Lübeck). It could be awarded to all participants in the Hanseatic Legion and the Civil Guard who were in the field during the Wars of Liberation in 1813/14.

The silver round medal shows the three coats of arms of the Hanseatic cities of Bremen , Lübeck and Hamburg (from left to right). The trunk of an oak protrudes from behind the middle coat of arms and the branches with their leaves surround the coat of arms. Above it in the semicircle GOD WAS WITH US . On the reverse the seven-line inscription DEM FATHER = LÆNDISCHEN KAMPFE 1813. 1814. IN MEMORIAL . A small Maltese cross can be seen underneath . The words HANSEATIC LEGION can be found all around. LÜBECK. BREMEN. HAMBURG.

The award was worn on a wide white and red striped ribbon and was bestowed on over 3,300 soldiers by the Hamburg Council alone :

  • 0006 to the brigade staff
  • 0990 to the l. Infantry Battalion
  • 0748 to the cavalry
  • 0080 to the mounted artillery
  • 0105 to the foot artillery
  • 0784 to the Hanseatic Citizens Guard
  • 0512 to the civil guard of 1813
  • 0080 to foreign officers
  • 3305 total


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Individual evidence

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