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The Deutschvilla in Strobl am Wolfgangsee (Salzburg) is used by an association as a cultural center

Cultural center is often a term for a meeting place in a building that combines rooms for culture , social projects and gastronomy of a community under one roof. The structure essentially consists of one or more halls with various types of adjoining rooms.

Cultural centers are operated either by the municipality, a non-profit organization or an association and usually have to be funded by the municipality because they can not be financially self - sufficient.

The term community center often denotes the same thing. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was common in small and medium-sized towns in West Germany as a design .

Buildings with a comparable function were the culture houses in the GDR .

More recently, buildings for religious practice , such as mosques , have also been combined with cultural uses ( Islamic cultural center ).

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