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Léon Benouville (* 8. March 1860 in Rome ; † 11. October 1903 in Paris ) was a French architect of the Art Nouveau .


Léon Benouville is the son of the painter Jean-Achille Benouville (1815–1891). He obtained his master builder diploma at the École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures in 1884 and worked in the architecture office of Charles Le Coeur in 1886/87 . In 1888 he founded a joint office with his older brother Pierre (* April 5, 1852, † April 15, 1889). After the death of his brother, he continued to run the architecture office alone. In 1891 he was accepted into the Société nationale des architectes français . Almost every year he exhibited designs in the salon of the Société nationale des beaux-arts , some of them building designs and also interior fittings.

In 1892 he became diocesan architect of the Diocese of Perpignan , in 1901 diocesan architect of the Diocese of Lyon . In 1894 he became Architecte en chef des Monuments historiques .

Buildings (selection)

  • 1897: Tenement at 34 rue de Tocqueville in Paris ( 17th arrondissement )
  • 1901: Tenement at 46 Rue Spontini in Paris ( 16th arrondissement )
  • Tenement house on rue de Siam in Paris
  • Maison Erard, Rue du Mail in Paris



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