World Exhibition Paris 1889

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World Exhibition Paris 1889
Exposition universelle de Paris de 1889
Poster for the opening of the 1889 World's Fair

Poster for the opening of the 1889 World's Fair

Exhibition space 96 ha
new hits Phonograph , improved bicycle
Number of visitors 32.250.297
BIE recognition Yes
countries 54 countries + 17 colonies
Exhibitors 61,722 exhibitors
Place of issue
place Paris
terrain Champ de Mars, Trocadéro, south bank of the Seine Coordinates: 48 ° 51 ′ 30 ″  N , 2 ° 17 ′ 39 ″  EWorld icon
opening May 6, 1889
closure October 31, 1889
Chronological order
predecessor Barcelona 1888
successor Chicago 1893

The Paris World Exhibition in 1889 ( French Exposition universelle de Paris de 1889 ) was the tenth world exhibition . It took place from May 6th to October 31st, 1889 on the occasion of the centenary of the French Revolution and for this reason was politically controversial in the predominantly monarchical Europe. The Eiffel Tower was built for the world exhibition of 1889 .


According to the BIE, the exhibition area totaled 96 hectares: art and industry were presented on the Field of Mars ( Champ de Mars ) and in the old Palais du Trocadéro , while the colonies and the military had their exhibition areas on the Esplanade des Invalides . The exhibition was coordinated by Jean-Charles Alphand , a former employee of Georges-Eugène Haussmann , chief engineer for the city of Paris.

As new products were among others the phonograph of Edison an improved cycling and water slides Girard presented. The exhibition is also considered to be the initial spark for the French automotive industry; Gottlieb Daimler presented his engine, which appeared under license in the first French automobile from Panhard & Levassor in 1890 . This engine inspired Count Albert de Dion to develop his own, which made De Dion-Bouton the first mass manufacturer and temporarily the largest manufacturer in the world. For its part, the company showed a new, lightweight steam boiler for boats and steam cars .

The main attractions were:

With expenditures of 41.5 million francs and income of 49.5 million francs, the expo was also financially successful. Because of the “revolutionary” motto, only the USA and Republican Switzerland of the major industrialized countries took part. 32.3 million visitors came, 55 percent of the 61,722 exhibitors were French. The numerous conferences accompanying the world exhibition were significant.



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